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Already recognized as a French manufacturers, Fred Duban and his team Dub Performance take a step further by obtaining the European approval of the DPone for a construction in small series, up to 200 specimens.

Every motorcycle manufactured in Millery (54 / France) is therefore stamped with the Dub Performance manufacturer plate! Thus, it is possible to acquire an unusual machine but fully compliant with European requirements. However, each DPone is unique since it is possible to choose its finish in terms of colors and logos ...

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As the latest motorcycle in Europe with a S&S 110 Evo carburettor motor (1850cc) homologated, just before the EUR4 standard, the DP1 is made even more noticeable by connoisseurs. But only a few privileged people can acquire this model, limited to 200 copies.

On the basis of a rigid frame, it is equipped with numerous parts developed in the inDUBstrie, in particular the primary transmission casing, the air filter, the petrol tank in the feline shape, the oil tank integrated in the Rear mudguards, comfort ...

Baker gearbox, Öhlins fork and the IST ignition also bring strength and quality to this street legal custom, which combines subtle bestiality and refinement. In addition, Dub chose to entrust the entire braking system to the French manufacturer Beringer; handlebar and handles from Rizoma. Avon equips the wheels with 120/21 front and 280/20 rear tires.

Provocative and distinguished, DPone will be your one!

For more information, contact us on 03 83 23 68 49 or by email at contact@dub-performance.fr



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Appears in : Generation Moto of Sept. Oct. Nov. 2013; WILD 116 of July 2011.
Photographer : Fred BAGUR
G u r u

By Dub Performance

The Guru expresses the creativity of Dub by its radical side. Although vintage and old-school styles are finding success in the world of Custom, Fred will impose himself against the current with a modern motorcycle. He has knew perfectly transcribe his personality, his experiences and influences across this project. His pal Thierry left him “carte blanche” and was not disappointed: the Guru is paradoxical; it’s both provoking and refined.

The chassis was made by an American company that has answered to the accurate request that Fred had formulated. He chose a frame starting from the same concept as adjustable frames of Dragsters. It’s purely aesthetic, but the idea hit the nail on the head, we adhere.

DUB PERFORMANCE demonstrates once again the quality of its bikes with parts such as the inverted Marzocchi fork. She adorns the most prestigious motorcycles in the world and the quality is not anymore to be proved. It is anodized red with tube diameter 50, as saying she does not go unnoticed.

Dub following his ideas of modernity and excellence with radial stirrups integrated to the millimeter to ensure the safest braking. It's altogether insured by Beringer's parts with Goodridge hoses, aviation model.

The paradoxical side that characterizes the Guru is found again with traditional rim and the ultramodern triple clamp in aluminum surrounding the inverted fork. Fred's ideas are rather astonishing like at the rear a rim with a large diameter which gives an airy style, and a colossal tire AVON of 280mm covered of a homemade mudguard with the oil tank directly integrated. The saddle made to measure was realized with a pneumatic damper of ATV. Fred has created the primary casing black anodized of exceptional quality, as well as mid-controls that improve the driving position by moving all the controls in the middle of the bike for an optimal ride comfort.

Fred call on Americans' services for the motor, an S & S of kind Evo 1850 cc, and for the gearbox, of the brand Baker of kind "Right Side Drive”. In contrast, the air filter, the racing tailpipe or the saddle come straight from the "inDubstrie", in Millery.

Des détails qui ne passent pas inaperçus : le compteur, totalement intégré au guidon, le réservoir d’essence, à la base une pièce Kawasaki dont plus personne ne voulait, qui a été totalement customisée et la garde au sol plus aboutie que sur d’autres machines, ce qui permet de se pencher davantage dans un virage.

Details that don’t go unnoticed: the speedo, fully integrated into the handlebars, the gas tank, originally an old Kawasaki part that nobody wanted anymore, the large radius wheels of 20'' and 21'' in diameter.

Again, Norbert Millotte has put his expertise at the service of DUB PERFORMANCE for a result perfectly consistent with rather provocating theme of the Guru, contrary to the precision of completion and fastidiousness of the detail.

Realized tastefully and with a view completely shifted, the Guru has been in 2012 the 6th probate from DUB PERFORMANCE.

Mr Zegut's Bike


Worthy of crazy and passionate English presenters like in the movie "Good Morning England", Francis Zegut is one key figure for Rock French radio. A man who has influenced several generations by his outspokenness, his cult sentences but also by its pioneering role. He was the first to played real rock songs on French radio stations.

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Photographer : ÉRIC CORLAY
Year : 2009

In his early stages, Fred Duban spent long hours to working night after closing of the shop. One work cadenced by radio broadcasts of Francis Zegut. Their first contact will be by way of the blog of RRL2's program on which Fred will suggest some rock sounds like AC / DC. Very quickly, the two men begin to exchange and find common passions: motorcycles and the Kustom culture.

A real friendship and a draft bike will be born from this virtual comment. The destiny? Probably. Fred left the time to Francis to dream, to imagine and to visualize his future machine. Uncle-Zézé-as he is called in the shop - wants the opposite of a motorcycle of starlet, enhanced of unnecessary dapper accessories.

His bike must be sober, equipped with high quality parts and with an ironclad infallibility. Some instructions translated in the style of Dub with black for sobriety, U.S. equipment for the best performance and an engine S&S 1600cc of 2008 with IST ignition for reliability.

This one is accompanied by a Baker box of 6 gears which drives a PM braking with 4 pistons, of an air filter and of a home-made exhaust RSD. The bike is sustained by an Avon tire of 250mm installed on a DNA rim of 18’’ to the rear and one Avon of 90mm accompanied by a rim of 21'' at the front. Suffice to say that everything has been implemented to turn on the power...


The essential part of this bike is probably the "Paughco Springer" that perfectly reflects the retro look sought by Francis Zegut. Many accessories are supplied by the American supplier "Custom Chrome" like the forward controls, the electronic meter, the footrests, the headlight or the oil pan.

The host biker has clearly stated: he care for his comfort. The saddle, also signed CCI is spring loaded to ensure the best base.

The Bike of M. Zegut is mounted on a Zodiac frame suspended of a Softail style, reinforced by a home-made mud-guard welded to the swingarm; this allows the installation of a "fender struts" which solidifies all, an idea consistent with its future owner.

Customized to the extreme, the bike of “Uncle-Zézé” traces his career in the details until in painting with a W for his first program called "Wango Tango" in 1980 and a Z as Zegut.

Some very personified logos to perfect a black and red paint accented by clear lines. A real art signed Norbert Millotte. A real friendship which does not tarnish between two men united by their passion for motorcycles, the only ones which vibrate them.




For several years, DUB PERFORMANCE © has built his own reputation of quality. Open-mindedness of the boss is reflected in his achievements and makes it stand out from the competition.

The creative touch of the Dub gives to his motorcycles a special aura that distinguishes them. After have been on the front page of hundreds of magazines around the world for his Custom art, his talent resonates and his models are attracting big names like Sébastien Loeb. In search of adrenaline, he will entrust to him the realization of the machine of his dreams.

The rally legend is also an avid of two wheels and the Dub ability to grant the Racer style on Harley has completely conquered him. In addition, the proximity to his Alsace, his region of origin, reinforced his idea to leave the work with Fred Duban.
At that instant, the stress rises; it's with this kind of challenges that you have to show your talent.

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Appearing in the WILD N°122 of January 2012 and the Generation Moto of december-january-february 2012/2013
Photographer : Alain Sauquet

Year : 2012
Completion time : 1 YEAR

When you create a bike for the eightfold World Rally champion, you don't resign on the power. The champion came up with a specific idea in mind: a Street Racer bike willowy and simple but effective. The Dub is going to work on a home-made style chassis Racer, later promoted to the approval. The parts of DUB PERFORMANCE© are honored with the saddle and oscillating arm, cut from solid. The arm is held by pneumatic dampers SAS high quality. To stick to the theme Racer asked, Fred chose the latest inverted Marzocchi fork, worthy of adorn the most beautiful mounts. It receives radial calipers Beringer state-of-the-art.

The Loeb is equipped with an S & S Twin Cam 2L engine. It is ties to a Baker box of 6 speeds maintained by a primary kit home-made. The most beautiful pieces are required to coat the motorcycle of the champion; we find again the Rizoma brand for a Fat Bar handlebar with an electronic counter acting on the brake and clutch. By following the likes of S. Loeb, the exhausts and the Micron mufflers are backed by Moto GP. To support this beast of power, an enormous Avon rear tire of 300mm is mounted on dub wheels 18'' in diameter.

For the occasion, a body of sheet metal totally home-made was created. It was coated subsequently with a dull grey paint of kind "Lambo" which sticking to the image of S. Loeb and which has been directed by the best, Norbert Millotte. After a long year of work, the result is spectacular. Fred not only proved his talent within this challenge but it has also managed to impress one of the largest French champions. In Dub We Trust!




Without falling into excess motorcycle themes, the Street Racer 2011 signed DUB PERFORMANCE pays tribute to the foreign legion. Marc, a former legionnaire, gave full permission to Fred with the only requirements being that he shows his membership to the paratrooper regiment and his incorporation number, 7612.

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Appears in the Numero 244 of the magazine Freeway
Photographer : Éric CORLAY

Approved in France and planning to become approved all across Europe, this retro bike designed in 4 months has many home-made pieces. The leather seat, suspended by pro-shocks absorbers, the coil cover, air cleaner, belt buckle and other elements all bear the oval logo of DUB Performance.

Our Dub having grown, its qualities are famous all the way to Huntington Beach, where Todd Silicato and his firm, Todd’s cycle, are located. He will be the one to make the chassis based on a rigid DUB PERFORMANCE frame initially composed of a tube of an inch in diameter and a single beam split below the engine. The Hardtail ends with a pair of aluminum turntables that is put up within the frame, which giving a great appearance and suggesting unequaled solidity of assembly. The inverted fork designed by Marzocchi has cable pipe contained in triple clamps manufactured at DUB PERFORMANCE.

The engine is an S & S Evo 1850 cc with a super E. carburetor equipped with a DUB air filter, just like the exit crankcase, the clutch cover , and the exhaust. Fred aims for excellence with a Baker oil box of Right Side Drive type of high quality. The filling orifice of the oil tray, located just behind the saddle made by the Dub’, is entirely incorporated to the mudguard. The primary is also made by DUB PERFORMANCE and was developed in partnership with Primo Rivera. Finally, the icing on the cake : the Jump Racer has a hydraulic clutch which provides a more comfortable, softer ride, and requires less maintenance. For the rims, they are HD Wheels - certainly the best brand in terms of quality on the market today - with for the front, one diameter of 20'' and a tire of 280 millimeters and for the rear, 21'' diameter with a tire of 120 millimeters.

The Jump Racer is equipped with an IST system that enables the electronic management of ignition. To facilitate the hitch of the electric beam, the 28-22mm handlebar include Moto-gadget controls. They are also equipped with Rizoma handles and Braking levers assembled on a handlebar in the motocross spirit, by Rizoma too.

Let us linger more specifically over the saddle equipped with a very effective damper "pro-shocks" because it is adjustable hardness. It is ingenious and surprising to find it here because it was originally designed to ATV.

Finally, the painting was given to Norbert Millotte who chose the colors pastel blue, brown and cream. Everything corresponds to the theme requested by Mark like, for example, the motto "Legio Patria Nostra" which means "The legion is our homeland." Norbert really accustoms us to a stunning work, which fits to the desired theme perfectly.

The Jump Racer stands out from the crowd. Once again, Dub has aimed accurately and has managed to combine the exuberance of its designs to the norms of the probate.