Epic Dub Performance© : Motorcycle and Motorcycle Preparation between Nancy (54) and Metz (57)

If Fred was successful today, it is surely because he was always guided by his resourcefulness and his spirit of the "anything is possible".

When he was only around tenyears, the movie "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man" (directed by Simon Wincer in 1991) is a real thunderbolt: this written life, he wants it for real! The Harley Davidson becomes for him synonymous with greatness and freedom. From now on, it will implement everything to reach his dream. Fred no stop at nothing: for three years, he holds concurrently three jobs and his willingness will pay. He bought himself his first motorcycle, a 1340 HD Springer well-deserved. Of his creativity too long hidden will be born a marvel. Fanatic of Rock andfirearms, his bike is a power beast in his image; he will call it "Black Slug". With his machine, Fred won the 1st prize of the Free Wheels in 1998. This is a real springboard for our Fred who he describes as the beginning of the adventure. There he meets people of the Custom press such as those of Freeway and Wild magazines. Of tradespeople who have supported him from the beginning and are still at his side today. More than ever, he is bursting with ambition: the legendary "Black Slug" earns him his first press articles and it is pointed out by the concession Harley Davidson in Metz where he works for three years. His thirst for learning allows him to quickly accumulate a great experience and the bikes passed into his hands confirm his incredible talent. At the same time, he will sell his precious “Black Slug” to create the "Slug Juice". This second creation, the beginning of a long series, will enable him to win numerous national awards through which he made a name on the international stage. Success seems to have never been closer.

Driven by his passion, Fred wants to fly on his own and creates the company Dub Performance© in 2003. He surrounds himself with a team of passionate of custom and his sterling work enables him to obtain the status of a constructor a year after the creation of his store and do than his emblem becomes a trademark in 2005. Beyond his talent, Fred has the main quality of a maker: he knows find the parts that are worth gold under a pile of scrap destined for the junkyard. He made his dream a reality but it is far from stopping: aided by faithful friends, he embarks on the preparation and the realization of real works of art on wheels.

In 2006, he creates the concept of motorcycles in series. It then reaches a wider audience and proves he can adapt to every budget. The articles begin to multiply and he binds a partnership with Von Dutch with which 10 bikes will be realized.


His fame never ceasing to climb, in 2008 he opens his current store in Millery, larger premises, to scale his business. Drawing one's inspiration from Japan (for finishes) and U.S. (market leader), Fred does the synthesizing of the best and presents us a real work as artist. In a short time, he forges himself a solid reputation that allow him to get his first registration document of maker in the same year.

His objectives evolve and he wants now to become a real model in the field. Some bikes each more beautiful than the last, with unique personalities, are released in his shop. Very quickly, he creates his own range of parts. The accessories and the clothes realized modelled on the Fred spirit encounter a great success.


When looking at this "success story", we can say he can be proud to have materialized his dreams. Dub Performance© is the largest French company of Custom and its reputation for quality is recognized worldwide.

More than 500 magazine articles worldwide, proudly hung on the walls of his store, recount this amazing journey... The Dub' knew to face all challenges, despite the galleys, his willingness to break ranks has been the strongest.


While several projects have already obtained the French probate, European certification going to happen shortly. Fred now plans to expand his catalog of parts and accessories with the Dub Performance© label. With to such achievements to his credit, his creativity and his will to innovate,, he continues to represent the future of French Custom.

His philosophy of "nothing is impossible" definitely seems to stick him to the skin…


The story of Dub '

  • 1977
    Birth of Dub '

  • 1991
    His first experiences or the beginnings of a great passion

  • 1998
    1st prize at Free Wheels with the Black Slug

  • 1999
    Fred enters a Harley Davidson dealership (Metz)

  • 2001
    1st press coverage

  • 2003
    Opening DUB PERFORMANCE in Dieulouard

  • 2004
    Manufacturer Status

  • May 2005
    Deposit of DUB PERFORMANCE brand

  • 2008
    New premises in Millery

  • 2008
    New premises in Millery

  • 2008
    New premises in Millery

  • 2009
    World Championship in Sturgis (USA)

  • 2010
    First International Press covers

  • 2012
    Creation of radical motorcycles bearing his signature homologated for France

  • 2012
    Creation of radical motorcycles bearing his signature homologated for France

  • 2013
    First motorcycle EU approved, the DP1